This is a difficult time for most everyone and we hope that your upcoming stay at Sea Shells will be relaxing and rejuvenating!  However, we also realize that the Pandemic doesn’t go on vacation.  Your safety is our highest priority!!  So, in addition to providing you a place to relax and enjoy yourself, we are doing the following things to keep you as safe as possible during your stay:

·      We clean and disinfect highly used common areas daily including the pool deck and chairs, the laundry room, bathrooms in the lobby, the picnic table in the grill areas, and bicycles that are for rent.  Recreation items such as tennis rackets, shuffle board gear, etc. is stored in the office and disinfected after every use.

·      When cleaning your unit prior to arrival we do a very deep clean and disinfecting following the COVID-19 guidelines from the Vacation Rental Housekeeping Professionals which are based on guidelines from the CDC.



Sea Shells has developed the following rules and guidelines to help create a safe environment for everyone who is staying and working at Sea Shells including owners, their guests, renters, and staff. 

We believe that these guidelines are mostly common sense given the circumstances: keep your distance from those that you are not living with, avoid gatherings with those that you don’t live with, and take care to disinfect items that you use outside your unit.  We ask that you observe these guidelines while at Sea Shells.



Sea Shells staff may remind you follow these guidelines:

Pool: (note: The lounge chairs, pool decks, pool gate, and fence enclosure will be cleaned and disinfected at the beginning of each day)

  • Only 16 people (including children) are allowed inside the pool enclosure. To help enforce this, only 16 lounge chairs will be available. If there is not a lounge chair available, then you should not enter the pool area.
  • Keep yourself and lounge chairs at least 6 feet apart except for groups that live together / are staying together at Sea Shells.
  • Guests who are not staying at Sea Shells are not allowed inside the pool enclosure.

Office Lobby / Laundry Room / Bathrooms:

  • A maximum of 2 people are allowed in the lobby at any time and,
  • A maximum of 1 person is allowed in the laundry room at any time except for those who live together.

Only Staff are Allowed in the Office:

  • Any mail received for renters will be provided by staff
  • Any mail that needs to be sent should be given to staff.

Shuffleboard / tennis equipment: This equipment will be kept in the office. After use, the staff will disinfect.

Bikes:. Bikes will be sanitized every morning. Once used, a bike will not be available for use until it is sanitized again.




  • Those who use the pool should disinfect the gate to the pool before touching (or otherwise avoid touching).
  • Even though the lounge chairs will be disinfected infected each morning, bathers should disinfect the lounge chair before using.

Office Lobby / Laundry Room / Bathrooms:

  • The lobby, laundry room, and bathroom will be disinfected every morning, however; when using the restroom or the laundry disinfect anything that will be touched before use and anything that was touched before and after use.

Grill Area:. Only one unit in the grill area at a time except when being used by those who live together.

Other Common Areas:. Practice safe distancing when interacting with those who you do not live with.